Summer School 2018

XXV International Summer School ‘Nicolás Cabrera’

Manipulating Light and Matter at the Nanoscale

Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid, Sept. 10-14, 2018


Scope and goals

Light is an ideal probe of nature due to the ease of controlling and measuring its properties, which allows reaching extremely high temporal and energy resolution. However, the spatial resolution of photons is limited to the wavelength for most traditional approaches. Over the last few decades, the drive to surpass this constraint and advances in fabrication and characterization techniques have led to the development of the field of nanophotonics, focused on beating the diffraction limit of classical optics. Nowadays, an unprecedented control over light at sub-wavelength scales is possible, which in addition to improved resolution leads to an exceptional enhancement of light-matter interactions. This provides novel mechanisms for the manipulation of the quantum states of light through matter and the quantum states of matter through light, which opens new avenues for the development of materials science and photonic technologies operating at the nanoscale.

The objective of this Nicolás Cabrera Summer School is to provide a general and comprehensive view of the field of quantum nanophotonics, with special emphasis on the physical phenomena which emerge from microscopic strong light-matter coupling. With this purpose, the School will gather a group of leading scientists, both experimentalists and theoreticians, working within this extremely active research area and related topics.


  • Near-field photonics
  • Plasmonics
  • Metamaterials
  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Optomechanics
  • Bio-photonics

Confirmed Keynote speakers

  • Jeremy Baumberg, Cambridge University
  • Shanhui Fan, Stanford University
  • Ursula Keller, ETH Zürich
  • Luis Martín Moreno, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • John Pendry, Imperial College London
  • Martin Plenio, Ulm University
  • Niek Van Hulst, ICFO
  • Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Confirmed Invited speakers

  • Pablo Alonso, Universidad de Oviedo
  • Hatice Altug, EPFL Lausanne
  • Juan Carlos Cuevas, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Simone de Liberato, University of Southampton
  • Rubén Esteban, Donostia International Physics Center
  • Juanjo García Ripoll, IFF-CSIC
  • Ulrich Hohenester, Graz University of Technology
  • Peter Hommelhoff, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Jonathan Keeling, University of St. Andrews
  • Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
  • Said R.-K. Rodriguez, AMOLF
  • Stefan Rotter, Vienna University of Technology
  • Michael Ruggenthaler, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
  • Daniele Sanvitto, CNR Nanotec
  • Mário Silveirinha, University of Lisbon
  • Päivi Törmä, Aalto University
  • Jana Zaumseil, University of Heidelberg

History and venue

The International Summer School “Nicolás Cabrera”, funded by the BBVA Foundation, deals with current topics in materials science, condensed matter physics, nanophysics and biophysics since 1994. The School is a meeting point for numerous scientists all over the world, who share a few days in Madrid in a particularly pleasant and interacting environment.

The School is organized in the residence “La Cristalera” in Miraflores de la Sierra, a small village in the mountains near Madrid. There will be a welcome reception on Sunday, Sep 9, with lectures taking place from the morning of Monday, Sep 10, until lunch on Friday, Sep 14. Bus transport from Madrid airport and back will be provided on Sunday, Sep 9, and Friday, Sep 14, respectively.


September 10th-14th, 2018


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Johannes Feist, IFIMAC-UAM
Antonio I. Fernández-Domínguez, IFIMAC-UAM
Francisco J. García-Vidal, IFIMAC-UAM